Throughout every session of the Propelle Mastermind, we have witnessed women become super focused, energized, and inspired in their businesses.

These women have become a community of doers, working to support and promote each other. They're taking their businesses, products, and services to the next level. Even making friends and having fun along the way. 

We’ve witnessed tremendous growth for our Mastermind members, both personally and professionally, and want to help YOU do the same.


It’s a proven fact that coming together with a group of creative, driven, and supportive women entrepreneurs is one of THE most powerful things you can do to elevate your business and your mindset.

Sometimes it takes the feedback from others to see our true selves … they are the proverbial mirror reflecting back our strengths and weaknesses.

When you surround yourself with a killer team that sees you as your best self, you will become unstoppable. There’s no doubt about it.


Ease, flow, simplicity ... all sound like dirty words for an entrepreneur when you’ve been told that it’s hard to run your own business or that it takes hard work to be successful.

The truth is, when you operate from your zone of genius and focus on what you’re best at, you may begin to question if what you’re doing is actually work.

The collective brain power of the Propelle Mastermind, combined with the support and insight of others in the group, will help you become ultra clear on your next steps. 


2016 Mastermind Series:

What you get:

  • 9 (3-hour) group sessions run by Emily and Kate, complete with weekly check-in’s with an accountability partner.
  • Access to a private online space to start and grow conversations with other group members.
  • Focused support, feedback, ideas, and strategies to help your business succeed.
  • Monthly motivational material complete with challenges and exercises. 
  • Clarity, inspiration, and laser-sharp vision for your business (and life).
  • Complementary access to Propelle Happy Hours and our Rock It! Community for 2016 . (Over $350 value!)