Option 1: The Single-Single-Double


Option 1: The Single-Single-Double


A magical combination of support guaranteed to help you take action and make things happen.

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You've got an idea.

You've launched a business.

You're riding high on the waves of entrepreneurship.

And yet, there's something that feels like it's missing. Perhaps you feel like you're merely scratching at the surface of your potential. Or, conversely, you're feeling totally stuck and need an unbiased opinion to help you move forward. Maybe it's as simple as needing a new system for organizing all of those to-do's that seem to pile up day after day. 

We've been there. 

In fact, some days, we're still there. 

The good news is, you have options. 

And this, gorgeous, is Option 1 — The Single-Single-Double.

We are here to listen and provide you with unbiased support in order to create a magical game plan for achieving your goals. We are passionate about helping women succeed and know that sometimes, all it takes is a listening ear and the accountability to #getshitdone.

What you get with this package:

  • A 30-minute phone call with Kate
  • A 30-minute phone call with Emily
  • A 45-minute phone call with Kate AND Emily

You also get accountability, regular check-in's, and a game plan for kicking butt in your business. 

Sound like the answer to your entrepreneurial prayers?

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