You've launched something into the world. Now what?!

You've launched something into the world. Now what?!

As entrepreneurs, most of us are familiar with the following scenario:

You get real excited (and likely nervous), hang out your shingle, release something you're really proud of, and then wait for the masses to come banging down your door. You imagine the fanfare, going viral, and skyrocketing to the top of your industry in a matter of days.

But the reality is often quite different.

Sometimes putting things out there are received with a huge response and demand, while others might be met with the dreaded sound of crickets. (Unfortunately, the latter is more common, especially when you're just starting out.)

It doesn't matter if it's a service, blog post, or product, there will always be that nerve-wracking slice of time right after you release your baby into the world. The question is ... what are you going to do in that moment? 

Our challenge for you today is to make a plan for what to do while you're waiting. 

Make a list of activities that you will do the instant you release something new. Here are a few examples:

  • Declutter your desk. 
  • Take a break and eat a snack.
  • Schedule out social media.
  • Do 20 jumping jacks. 
  • Catch up on bookkeeping. 
  • Reach out to 5 new prospective clients or customers. 

The key here is doing instead of wasting your time with wondering and worrying.

Because everything listed above is a way better use of your time and energy than refreshing your website and social media channels for two hours straight while waiting and imagining a million different outcomes. (Not that we've done anything like that ourselves... yeah, right.)

And then go celebrate the fact that you put yourself out there. 

Because THAT is definitely worth acknowledging, celebrating, and savoring.