Your secret weapon for creativity and focus.

Ah, the topic of productivity and focus. This is something that we get asked about on a weekly basis. And while the answer isn't a straightforward one (do THIS ONE THING and you'll be more productive than Beyonce!), there are a few tools that seem to come up a lot.

Tools like The Pomodor Technique, Bullet Journaling, using an Editorial Calendar, and daily accountability/tracking are fantastic, but can require a lot of practice and/or have a steep learning curve.

Binaural beats, on the other hand, only require a pair of earbuds.

So, what exactly are binaural beats?

In the most basic of terms, they are an auditory illusion.

When two different sound frequencies are presented dichotically (one frequency through each ear) we perceive an auditory illusion of a third tone in addition to the two tones presented to each ear. That third sound is what's referred to as a binaural beat. (Source.)

The reason binaural beats are so helpful when it comes to concentration, focus, relaxation and productivity is because it induces brain activity in the Alpha Wave range. Alpha waves are synonymous with meditative states, deep relaxation, and those AHA moments we entrepreneurs are always after. (Source.)

So, the next time you're in need of an extra jolt of inspiration and focus, head on over to YouTube, pop in your earbuds, and rock out.