Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in?

Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in? |

I don’t know about you, but tapping into my intuition is hard and trusting it is even harder.

Even as a young kid, I would whine that I didn't know if the answer I heard was merely wishful thinking (why, yes, you will have the Jane Austen-inspired boyfriend of your dreams) or if it was truly The Universe delivering the answer.

The truth is, I had the answers. I just didn't trust that they were authentic. I had trouble believing the feelings I got and the voice that I heard were coming from outside of myself.

Honing your intuitive powers can be done, though, even for a woo-lite person like myself.

The best place to start?


I recently began to dabble with mantras. (I know. Emily and Kate have been touting their awesomeness for years, but I could never get myself to the mind space to believe in their power. And do they ever have power.)

In the last month alone, repeating daily mantras has allowed me to focus on the positive (because who ever heard of a negative mantra?). Which helped me raise my vibration and hone my “gut feelings.” Which, in turn, has broadened my mindset to gain clarity in my life and my business.

All of that from repeating a few key words and phrases each day.

It’s truly been the key to unlocking everything I want.

So, uh, how do they work?

Mantras raise your vibration to a higher level and attract what you’re seeking into your life.

Everything in the Universe — people, music, clouds, emotions — vibrates at a different frequency. The faster the frequency, the more quickly the molecules ping-pong around, the more expansive it becomes. If something vibrates at a high enough frequency, it becomes light.

This, in a very tiny macadamia nut of a nutshell, is the Law of Vibration, which is fascinating and definitely recommended reading.

The Law of Vibration combined with the Principle of Resonance, which states that a lower frequency will raise itself to meet a higher frequency, is why all of this stuff matters. Your frequency either rises or falls to match the vibrations you’re giving out at any given time.

Put another way: like attracts like.

In the simplest of terms, your energy is a magnet. It pulls in similar energy. You get in what you put out. And we all want to bring the good stuff in, right?!

When you say your mantras — and really, truly believe them — you’re raising your frequency and opening yourself to accept a higher vibration.

So if you want to attract something into your life, you have to believe it can happen before it actually does. This act alone puts you on a level where these things already exist and they’ll find you there. Now, you’re manifesting!

All because you said your mantras and tapped into your power.

Need somewhere to start?

Need somewhere to start when it comes to using mantras in your day to day life? Let go of limiting beliefs with this sequence or take inspiration from Heather Visnesky of Abode and see yourself doing it

Whatever you decide to do, say those mantras.

And then send me an email and let me know how this works for you!


Your energy is a magnet, what are you pulling in? |

Angelica Ross is a converted mantra skeptic, content creator, and copywriter in Pittsburgh. She’s a storyteller by nature and loves finding the right words that connect with an audience. She believes in the power of a new notebook, the healing properties of cinnamon rolls, and that she’s four people according to the serving size of most recipes.

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