You are perfect.


This nugget of awesome is courtesy of Jennifer Dawn Gabiola, the quiet yet fierce force behind Dawning Soul.

Jennifer is a brand strategist, designer, and introvert. She believes that personal style begins by honoring yourself on the inside. And she is a blast to talk with.

The biggest takeaway from our conversation last night:

  • You were created exactly as you are for a reason. You were meant to stand out and to share your unique gifts and talents with the world.
  • You have permission to love what you love, to be who you are, and to embrace all that makes you you. Even if that isn't the perfectly glossy picture of beauty and success that the media presents.
  • Give from the overflow. Too often we โ€” as women, as entrepreneurs, as helpers โ€” serve others first and then use what's left over (if anything) to give to ourselves. Instead, we should take time for ourselves first, fill up our cups with the things that light us up and give us energy, and use the overflow to serve others.

Brilliant, right.