Wise words from inspiring entrepreneur Ping Fu

I was moved to tears while watching this CreativeMornings presentation on happiness by Geomagic founder Ping Fu. In this video, Ping takes you on a journey from her childhood full of tragedy and heartbreak to her adult successes as a business innovator and leader. (She was named Inc. Magazine's entrepreneur of the year in 2005).

I thought this quote from her talk was especially fitting for entrepreneurs:

“Bamboo is flexible, bending with the wind but never breaking, capable of adapting to any circumstance. It suggests resilience, meaning that we have the ability to bounce back even from the most difficult times . . . Your ability to thrive depends, in the end, on your attitude to your life circumstances. Take everything in stride with grace, putting forth energy when it is needed, yet always staying calm inwardly.”

Her memoir, Bend not Break, is now on the top of my "to read" list. Watch and you will see why. (Trust me, this is worth all 29 minutes of your time.)

Your turn.

In the video Ping talks about finding happiness in a dark places. Have you ever experienced this? What else resonates with you from Ping's talk? Let's discuss in the comments!