Who is your IT professional?


Unless you're working in IT, chances are that on top of being your own book keeper, marketing department, sales team, and service provider, you are also responsible for your own computer and organizational systems.

I know in my business I wear many hats every day. As the business has grown, I've been able to take a look at systems that can be improved and have reached out to professionals who are experts in their service area where I am not to help me create more productive practices.

One area I find I left hanging for too long was backing up my files systematically.

This post in the Social Media Examiner was just the little reminder I needed to put some new habits into play.

I took an hour to set up 1password and CrashPlan. I also took my external hard drive out of its dusty resting place and copied important files over. Then, I took my laptop (aka the workhorse) to the Apple store for a little tuneup because I rely on it everyday and would experience setbacks without it.

What would you do if your computer crashed?

What would you do if your computer crashed, it was stolen, or if your website failed? Would you freak?

I know that would be my first reaction. At least now I know that my most precious information will be accessible in the "cloud" and on a hard drive I can access. It helps me relax a little tiny bit knowing that I have a backup working on my website in case of a problem. And we all know websites can be finicky and break at the exact wrong time!

What systems do you use to protect your information and to create seamless processes?