When you need to be productive and the home office isn't cutting it.

Every now and then, you need to shake things up and get out of the house. This is especially true for us entrepreneurial types who work from home. We can go DAYS without ever seeing the light of day or experience the warm sun on our skin. 

Worse still are all of the distractions and potential interruptions at home — the animals, the food, the kids, the significant others — all take away from our ability to GSD (get shit done).

On those days when we're craving a little switcheroo (and some uninterrupted time to W E R K), this is where we like to go.


#1 is the Omni William Penn downtown. There is no place more #bossworthy in this town. It feels ultra fancy with crystal chandeliers and velvet seats galore. I’ve had some of my best ideas while typing away in the lobby. It’s so different than my regular office setting I think that’s what makes is my favorite. 

Bantha Tea Bar is just down the street from me and is cute little hideaway. It can’t be beat on a nice, breezy day. The whole place is so well thought out. There’s an outlet by every single seat! I also love to sip on their great selection of Healcrest Farm teas. 

Commonplace at Voluto is my pick for local coffee shop. I frequent this place the most with friends from the gym, and sometimes get a little work done. 


When I know I need to put my chin down and crank out a lot of writing, I head over to the Mt. Lebanon Public Library. With an abundant amount of free parking, free internet, and zero obligation to buy something, nothing can get in my way. Except, of course, when The Husband swing by to say hello.

My favorite local coffee shop (that is full of temptation in the form of delicious baked goods) is Uptown Coffee. I love to tuck myself into a table in the back, nosh on some homemade brownies, and do my thang. It's also a favorite local spot to meet folks when I'm craving a little face time with inspiring women. 

I would be remiss if my list of places to work didn't include Kate's meeting space on Penn Ave. We try to get together weekly to brainstorm, record videos for our online community, and map out our main goals for the month. I always leave feeling inspired and ready to tackle my to-do list. 

What about you? What is your favorite place to go so that you can GSD?