What's on your TA-DA list?

If you're anything like the vast majority of entrepreneurs in this world, you have a To-Do List that's 10 miles long. Your days and weeks amount to checking things off the list in order to feel like you are making progress. Some days, you dream of adding in Take a shower and Brush your teeth just so you can feel like you're accomplishing something.

And while there's nothing inherently wrong with the epic To-Do List, it often acts as the proverbial carrot dangling in front of your face. Always striving, working, and reaching, and never taking the time to see how far you've come.

That's where the Ta-Da List comes into play.

A Ta-Da List is a compilation of the things you've checked off your To-Do List and accomplished, big or small. It's a celebration of the strides you've made, the risks you've taken, and the mini dance parties you've had in your head.

It's a clear-cut reminder to take pause and appreciate all of the successes you've had.

To-Do vs Ta-Da

To-Do is always looking forward at what needs to be done. Ta-Da is looking back at all of the things that you've accomplished.

To-Do is never-ending. Ta-Da is always celebrating.

To-Do is a catalog of all the things you want to do. Ta-Da is a catalog of all the things you've done.

To-Do is a chore. Ta-Da is a party.

To-Do is lackluster without the Ta-Da!

Ta-Da away

The next time your To-Do List is starting to bog you down, why not switch it up and create a list of all of the things you've accomplished?

It could be in the past 2 hours, the past 2 weeks, or the past year.

Regardless of how far back you go, know this: being productive is important, but so is taking time to recognize just how far you've come.