What will you be doing five years from now?

It's tough stepping outside of the daily hustle. The future is ... well ... unknown and unpredictable. The good news is you have a say in your future, and the more you imagine it the more likely it will become your reality.

Our challenge for you today is to write down what your dream life would look like in five years. Where do you see yourself going? And how can your current work take you there? 

Whatever you want out of your life and business, we encourage you to think big!  

Five years from now ...

The more familiar you are with where you want to be in five years, the more likely you will be to make the leaps that will get you there. So get cozy and get close. Future you is fabulous and can't wait to shine. 

Here are some questions to get you thinking outside the box and start owning those big dreams.

  • I will have _____________ my revenue, serving ____________ clients / selling _____________ products or services, and been ______________ in my field.  
  • I will serve ___________ amount of people/clients/patients/customers. 
  • I will support ___________ organizations and make significant donations in __________ amount. 
  • I will have  ___________ employees who are loyal, love their jobs, and are well compensated.
  • I will have a partner that loves and respects me. 
  • I will have a family that ___________.
  • I will be featured on the cover of ___________ publication. 
  • I will travel to these destinations:___________.
  • I will have a self-care routine of _____ massages/acupuncture/yoga sessions per month. 
  • I will mentor someone who can benefit from the lessons I have learned. 
  • I will meet my favorite author/actor/entrepreneur___________.
  • I will start a scholarship for other women who want to study___________.
  • I will feel love, passionate, happy, stable, and ___________.