What to do when you reach your goals?

Have you ever told yourself, I will have truly made it when _______ happens

It’s not uncommon for people who reach these ultimate goals only to be disappointed a few days later. Why? Because we are meant to create, grow, and learn. 

Just think... Oprah Winfrey has had so many successes and more money than she could ever need, but she has never stopped learning, growing her business, and highlighting the work of others. Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed have made millions off their books and movies, but that doesn’t stop them from writing new pieces and podcasting their hearts out. 

Grammy award winning musicians continue to tour.

Record holding climbers continue to climb.

Michelin chefs continue to cook.

So don't stop after you reach your goal, use it as momentum to take an even bigger leap forward (tweet this). The world needs you (and your talents) more than ever.