What surrounds you when you create?

Maybe you've heard the expression, "Don't start cooking in a dirty kitchen." It's the same scenario when it comes to your desk, your workbench, and your studio. How can you make stuff when you're surrounded by clutter?

The answer is not well. 

Cluttered space leads to a cluttered brain (and vice versa). 

Clutter can take many forms: piles of paper or dishes everywhere, an overcrowded inbox, 15 tabs open on your web browser, noise from social media. And all of that clutter is preventing you from creating. 

We challenge you to set aside 60 minutes TODAY to completely declutter your workspace.

It's time to create space so you can create your future! 

P.S.—We'd LOVE to see pictures of your newly organized space on Instagram. Use the hashtag #spacetocreate and tag us (@wepropelle) so that we can ALL follow along. Bonus points for a before and after shot.