What an 18 year old CEO taught Mark Cuban about business.

Interview with Lani Lazzari of Simple Sugars for Propelle Summer Camp We are chomping at the bit with excitement about an interview we did last week with Lani Lazzari, Founder and CEO of Simple Sugars, a Pittsburgh-based company that sells all-natural sugar scrubs especially formulated for sensitive skin.

We first met Lani in 2010, when she was still in High School and just getting serious about the business she had founded at age 11. She was making a pitch to get on the Ellen DeGeneres show, all while driving cross-country selling her handmade scrubs.

We knew then that this girl was destined for big things, we just didn't know how big at the time.

In 2013, Lani had the opportunity to pitch her business on the TV show, Shark Tank. Despite being just 18 years old and the youngest entrepreneur to ever make a solo pitch, Lani was able to secure an investment with billionaire Mark Cuban.

Three days after the show aired, Simple Sugars received more than 25,000 orders.

Within 6 weeks of the show airing, Simple Sugars had surpassed 1 million in sales.


With everything that Lani has been able to accomplish thus far in her business, we knew we needed to have an in depth (and candid) conversation with her so she could share all of that wisdom with YOU. Lani spent close to an hour with us talking about her journey, and sharing a few of the lessons she's learned along the way.

All we can say is, this is one determined, driven, innovative, bright, generous, and passionate woman.

And, of course, she dished on what it's been like to work with (Pittsburgh-native) Mark Cuban.

When we asked Lani what she thought Mark Cuban had learned from their partnership, she said never underestimate an 18-year-old. She went on to say that there was an assumption after she had secured the funding that she would just sit back and let Mark take over and run the show due to her age.

Little did Mr. Cuban know what he was in for!

Lani showed up at their first meeting with goals, questions, and a drive that impressed the hell out of him. She works hard, hustles her butt off, and has a LOT of fun along the way.

And this? Is just the tip of the iceberg.

The full interview is filled with insights around how to stay connected to your mission and vision, to inspire those around you, to infuse more fun into your day-to-day work, to put yourself out there in a bigger way, and to take steps each day to GROW your business.

Here's the thing.

You can only access this interview by signing up for The Propelle Summer Camp.

This interview alone is worth the cost of the course and then some.

Regardless of what you decide to do, know this: everything is attainable. Even those big, scary, bodacious goals you've been too afraid to tell anyone about.


Because Lani said so.