We double dare you to reach out to your hero by email.

We read Tim Ferriss's book The Four Hour Work Week* with the Propelle Mastermind group last year. In the book, Ferriss challenges a Stanford university class to contact famous people they admire and ask them a question.

For extra incentive, Ferriss promised the student who could contact the most hard-to-reach name and ask the most intriguing question a round-trip plane ticket anywhere in the world.

You'd think that with a prize like that, the class would have been all over this challenge. 

The truth is ... not a single student even tried! 

There's no doubt it's intimidating to put yourself out there to someone who's super busy and super famous. Getting in touch can even feel impossible! But, really, the worst thing that could happen is that you don't hear back.

(Is that really all that scary?) 

The real question is: what if you DO hear back?! What if your email makes them smile and brings them joy? What if they give you insight that changes your life? 

We decided to implement our own version of this challenge in the Propelle Mastermind. We had several women take action and to our delight one of our mavens heard back from her very favorite composer, Bogdan Ota! 

Her question to him was: "What advice do you have for new artists who are struggling?" 

His reply was heartfelt, gracious, and several paragraphs long. Here's a favorite quote from his email:

"Sometimes we need to keep pushing and never give up, no matter what your family, friends or neighbors are saying about you and your art."

How's that for an inspiring nugget of wisdom? 

Now it's your turn! 


The next time someone inspires me I am going to send them an email and ask them a question. I will not let fear and doubt get in my way. I have nothing to loose.

Here's wishing you many, many exciting "send-button-clicking" moments. 

*This is an affiliate link.