Use your words.

Hey, girl.

Emily here.

Some days, I think I could write an entire book dispensing business advice by way of what I say to my almost-2-year-old on a daily basis. The most recent words or wisdom being dispensed: use your words.

Funny timing, as I've committed to using MY words on a more regular basis, both through the Propelle blog and my own personal channels. 

And for good reason. Words are at the foundation of pretty much everything when it comes to running a business. Words shape your marketing plan, are used to create content for your cornucopia of online haunts, and give people a reason to connect with what you do.

Words help you tell your story, and your story is what draws people in. (Tweet this.)

So how do you get better at using your words?

For starters, you practice. A lot.

The one thing I hear most from the badass women we work with, is how hard it is to write and/or find your voice. Most feel like they need to know all of that stuff BEFORE they start writing. Unfortunately, your voice is what develops as you do it and not the other way around.

You wouldn't expect to be an Olympic level athlete over night, so why do you expect to be a brilliant writer without putting pen to paper over and over (and over) again?

Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, youโ€™re doomed.
— Raymond Bradbury

Second, experiment with a variety of formats.

If blogging isn't your jam, try Twitter. Or Periscope. Or Facebook. Or getting up in front of a crowd and using spoken word. There are a gazillion platforms out there, all you have to do is find ONE that speaks to your soul. 

Play around and experiment. Go at it with a learners mind and you'll never be disappointed.

Finally, get help.

There is no decree or secret law that says all entrepreneurs and business owners have to be good at EVERYTHING. If writing isn't your thing, and isn't something you want to work on or get better at, don't.

There are plenty of people out there who love writing and are great at this sort of thing. Why not tap into their genius and let yourself off the hook?

Today's To-Do:

Commit to writing more regularly. Whether that's for 10 minutes every morning in a journal, blogging 1x per week, or playing around on your favorite social media platform. It doesn't matter what you write, how long the final piece is, or if you even finish it. What matters is that you're consistently flexing your writing muscle.

Go forth and write!