Use jealousy to your advantage!


This card from Sapling Press made me smile.


Because it's so honest.

If you are a human, I think you will most likely relate.

I mean, who hasn't felt this way at one point or another?

I've talked about reacting to the success of others in this post about jealousy, and I thought it might be a good time to revisit the topic for a very special "Envy Smackdown" holiday edition.

It can feel overwhelming to receive a year end letter from close friends and family, recapping all the great things that have happened in their lives over the last 12 months.

Maybe their update makes you feel great because you are genuinely happy for them. It doesn't affect you in a negative way because you've had a fantastic year yourself.

But maybe 2013 was really, really hard.

Maybe hearing tons a great news makes you feel like you are stagnant/lazy/less than.

Just know that even if it sucks to feel like everyone else's life is better than yours, this can be a helpful tool for you.

No matter what challenges you are currently facing, the success of others has nothing to do with your life directly.

Know that when someone is brave enough to put themselves out there in a big way, they're giving you permission to do the same.

And those feelings of envy and jealousy are exactly what you need right now, because they are little clues as to what you desire for yourself in the years to come.

I asked our Rock It! crew what they thought about the topic:

Sam Laffey delivered this incredible quote:

“To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self.” - Joan Didion

And Britt Reints shared this thoughtful insight:

"How can we give ourselves permission to let our light shine without worrying about others saying: "who does she think she is?"' By remembering that what others say/think is ALWAYS more about them than you.

It helps me to remember that by focusing on that myself. That jealous twinge—what is that a sign of for me? Usually, it's a sign towards something I want for myself.

I try to change my inner dialog to say "ooh—that's great! I want _________, too!"

How's that for clarity, baby.

Just remember, there's no time like the present to let your light shine.