Navigating the Twitter Terrain for Your Trade


Do great minds (or businesses) tweet alike?


We'll help you understand how Twitter can send your business soaring by jetting through the who, what, where, when, why and how of the #Twitterverse.

Cultivate Your Inner Twitter Superstar with a Workshop aimed at:

  • Developing your Authentic Voice
  • Beginning a dialogue
  • Connecting with YOUR tribe
  • Engaging others rather than broadcasting at them
  • Figuring out craft killer commentary in 140 characters
  • Learning the lingo (aka what @, # & DM mean)
  • Following discussions and Twitter conferences

And bonus material covering:

  • Help using services like Hootsuite, Mobile Twitter, and TweetChat
  • How to make your profile work for you
  • Tips and tricks to spend less time on Twitter doing more
  • The best ways to share your content on Twitter

Speaking of Twitter, are you following @wepropelle? Join in on the conversation by using the #propelle hashtag.

Better yet, join us for a fun and fabulous night focused on improving your business!

Navigating the Twitter Terrain for Your Trade

Date: Wednesday, May 9th
Time: 6-7:30PM ET
Location: Pittsburgh Glass Center (5472 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206)