Time Management Mojo

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Are you always strapped for time and itching for that perfect block of “creative genius time” that somehow never materializes?

Give it 15 minutes, you’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Set a timer for 15 minutes, close your web browser, and get to work writing, planning, designing, and implementing. Just DO that one thing on your list that gets copied and pasted into the next day for weeks on end.

In the bigger scheme of time management, it is important to make your work life work for you. Balance is key and something that many entrepreneurs forget about, especially as they start their business.

Scheduling—and not overbooking—yourself are key to success. It gives you the flexibility to handle curves in the road as they occur, and to build in time to work in your business instead of on your business.

Time Management Strategies

Here are some tried and true strategies for time management. Make sure to choose the one that is right for you.

  • Calendaring Choose the calendar application that is easiest for you. Depending on your business and workforce/partners, you may consider a Google calendar that you can share with others for scheduling. You can also set up your Google calendar on your mobile device for quick access on the go or at a out of office meeting.
  • Body Rhythm What time of day are you most productive? Do you write best first thing in the morning, feel like a million bucks after a noon-time workout, enjoy meeting over lunch, or plan best before bed? Track a few days activities noting the time of day when you felt most energized to tackle that activity, and then begin to set up your calendar accordingly.
  • Schedule Checking and Responding to Email You do not want to run your business by reacting to the most recent request coming to your inbox. But many of us fall into that trap. So instead, close down your Outlook, resist the urge to click your iCloud icon and schedule the times that you can concentrate on reading and responding to your emails.
  • Alerts I find that setting an alert on an appointment, wether one for myself or with someone else, will keep me on track for finishing up one task and preparing myself mentally for the next task. Depending on your needs, most calendars provide the option of alerts from 30, 15, 10 and 5 minutes before the appointment and can come in the form of a sound, pop up window, text message or email.

What are your favorite methods for keeping on track?

Share them below in comments below. You might just help someone else tap into their time management mojo.