This is what happens when you bring a koala and a unicorn together.

When we sat down to think about what animals represent us, we had a bit of fun. Turns out, we've both envisioned ourselves as a magical creature or two.  

Also, who knew that two seemingly unrelated animals would have so much in common, or would be such great business partners?!

Image source: Helen Black Designs

Image source: Helen Black Designs


I’ve always had this thing for koalas. In college my friends and I would play the game: “What animal do you look like?” I came up koala every time! They’re super chill, cuddly, and a little mischievous. I’d definitely like to spend a day with a koala.

Since I’m a leo, I’d have to say a strong second is a lion. Big cats are the best. 

Image source: Sebastien Millon

Image source: Sebastien Millon


I'm not sure when it started, but my unicorn obsession runs deep. I find them mystical and majestic and seriously badass. As a kid, I my favorite movie was The Last Unicorn (probably because Angela Lansberry was on of the voices) and have since tried to install the same love for unicorns in my daughter. 

If I had to another (real) creature to represent myself, it would have to be a butterfly. They represent change and how beautiful evolution can be. And they were a huge source of comfort as we were struggling to grow our family. 

What about you? What animal best represents you?