This is for you if you've been avoiding something lately.

Have you been avoiding making a decision about something in your life or business? This post is for you. |


Today is the perfect day to make a choice and roll with it, even if uncertainty has been holding you back. (Tweet this.)

Is there a decision you've been putting off or avoiding? Don't worry. You're not alone. We've all dragged our feet about something at some point in our lives. 

In the end, moving forward and growing is simply about making decisions and moving forward.

There are lots of different ways you can arrive at a decision. 

You can ... 

  • Google "how to make a decision" and all sorts of articles pop up like this one from Lifehacker
  • Call your friends and family and ask them what to do. 
  • Journal, meditate, pray, book an appointment with a psychic, or wait for a visit from your spirit guides. 
  • Make charts, graphs, and a list of pros and cons. 

The list goes on.

No matter how many different people you speak with or exercises you do, ultimately you're going to have to choose something and roll with it. 

Regardless of the outcome, when you take action and make a decision it will always lead to growth. And, ultimately, isn't that the point? (It also happens to be what makes this entrepreneurial journey so darn special.)

So, lovely. What's it going to be? What step will you take to get yourself moving again?