There is nothing wrong with your ass.

Have you been jeans shopping recently?

It's amazing how many pairs you have to try on to find the one that fits. Maybe you don't ever find THE ONE, and resort to taking the one that looked least bad. If you're really desperate (or smart), you'll take the "best fitting" one to the tailor and create a custom solution to meet your needs.

After a few (dozen) pairs of ill-fitting jeans, most of us begin to believe that there is something wrong with us. That our bodies are the problem; our ass is too big, too small, too lumpy, too ... something.

Or maybe you're too short, too tall, too curvy, or too skinny.

Whatever you've decided, it's YOUR fault.

Except, it's not.

Your body is perfect as is. It's the jeans that are the issue. Cut to fit very specific measurements that work for a percentage of the population. If you don't happen to be within that window, you're stuck trying to fit a proverbial square peg in a round hole.

And while you've probably experienced something like this at one time or another, you're probably beginning to wonder what the hell this has to do with business.

The answer is, everything.

Instead of the jeans, let's pretend we're talking about something business-related like systems, marketing tactics, or even business structures.

We are led to believe that if the IT thing doesn't work for us, then there we are at fault. We lack the drive, smarts, talent, and organizational skills necessary to be successful.

The blame is always directed inward and never towards the system, tactic, or structure.

We, and our perceived flaws, are always to blame. But the truth is, we are trying to force our ass into a pair of jeans that just weren't meant for us.

You have permission to stop forcing it.

To let yourself off the hook and begin to find the pieces and approaches that work for you. Curves, height, and all.

Find what works for YOU, even if it requires a little custom work to fit you and your business like a glove.