The App of Our Eyes

In this technological day and age, we spend an exorbitant amount of time on our phones. Enter in entrepreneurship and that damn thing is basically glued to our hands. Why not fill it up with apps that make our lives easier, prettier, and a heck of a lot more fun. 

Below are two of our favorite apps. (Disclaimer: we both have iPhones, so will be sharing what we know based on that.)

// Emily's Favorite App:

I'm a pretty low-key kind of gal when it comes to app's. I hate the clutter they create in on my phone, and tend to hide everything into folders in an attempt to stay more organized and streamlined. I also tend to err on the side of not trying something out, so tend to be fairly conservative in my app usage.

Having said that, I've been pretty obsessed with Instagram and making all of my photos looking straight-up proFESH with A Color Story. It's a seriously robust app with amazing filters and tools that will help your colors pop, brighten up even the most drab photos, and give it a crispness that just can't be found anywhere else.

The best part about the app? It's free. (You do have the option to purchase additional filter packs for $0.99, but it's totally unnecessary.)

Note: This app was released on iOS less than a month ago. The website says that Android is coming soon. Fingers crossed it's reeaaalllly soon because it's super duper awesome.

// Kate's Favorite App:

Slack ... where have you been all my life?

Slack is a new kind of communication for teams. You can create different channels for various topics, share files, and create sub chats. 

With Slack, you won't need to use email anymore to get in touch with your collaborators, and it keeps your communication so much more streamlined and efficient. (And you will no longer have to go on an email deep-dive to figure out which thread had that one PDF you are looking for. Woot!) 

The short video on their homepage says it all. I've just got Propelle set up on Slack, and I've already been using it just for fun with a group of friends.  (Did I mention there is a random gif generator? It's one of my favorite features!) 

Let me know if you check it out! 

Your turn!

What app are you currently crushing on and using all.the.time?