Take a risk and let inspiration be the reward.

(Original image found on Pinterest)

(Original image found on Pinterest)

After reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, it's hard to think of Inspiration and Creativity as anything but mischievous and playful balls of excitement. I almost picture them like children, giggling and hiding around the corner, just waiting to be discovered and played with.

I'm willing to bet that Inspiration is often holding hands with Risk, waiting to see if you're willing to do what it takes to feel a little magic.

Inspiration rarely rewards those who continue to play it safe, doing the same thing over and over again. Instead, it's looking for those who are willing to try something new. To step outside of the tried and true, regardless of what the outcome may be.

If you've been looking for inspiration but have been coming up short, I encourage you to take a risk.

A risk could be something as easy as...

  • a bold colored lipstick.
  • a brightly patterned shirt.
  • reading a book that's totally outside of your usual.
  • playing hooky from work and going to a museum.
  • taking a different route home.
  • turning left instead of right on your daily walk.
  • trying a new workout video.
  • going to a different class at the gym than you're used to.
  • posting a selfie on your Instagram feed.
  • sharing a more personal blog post.
  • dive head first into a creativity challenge.
  • leave a comment on a blog that you've admired for ages.
  • ordering something else from your favorite restaurant.
  • trying out a new recipe.
  • sending an email to your business crush.
  • listening to a totally random podcast.
  • trying out a new station on Pandora (or Spotify or Rdio).
  • testing out a hair or make-up tutorial you found on YouTube.

Hope this gives you a little extra encouragement when you need it the most!