SWAN Day Pittsburgh 2012


Carrie, Kate and I were lucky enough to be interviewed for this project last night. The interviews are being presented to Pennsylvania-based artists, who will then use that footage as inspiration to create brand new works of art. How cool is that?!

If you want to take part in the program -- either through interviews, or as an artist -- please contact Tressa Glover. See below for more about the project and how to get involved.


In addition to producing plays, No Name Players Theatre Company is the only company in Pittsburgh that produces an annual multidisciplinary event in conjunction with SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day. No Name Players’ SWAN Day event features local musicians, dancers, poets, theatre artists, visual artists, performance artists, and fashion designers.

For our 2012 event (our 4th annual), we will be interviewing women of all ages and from all backgrounds from all across Pennsylvania. We’ll be talking with them about whatever is on their minds—what’s important to them, what they love, what they fear, what their goals are...

We will film these interviews and provide that footage to our participating artists. We will then ask the artists to create brand new works using that footage as inspiration. The entire event will feature world premiere works inspired by the thoughts and voices of the women of Pennsylvania. There is no other event like it happening in Pittsburgh!

We are interviewing women in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Oct. 5th between 5:45pm-9:00pm at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Arts Education Center downtown. We will also be adding additional dates later in the month.

Please contact Producing Artistic Director Tressa Glover for more information and to schedule an interview: tressa [at] nonameplayers [dot] org.

For more information about No Name Players, please visit nonameplayers.org.