Do you know what makes collaborating successful?

How to partner and collaborate with other #girlbosses successfully |

You're a freakin' badass #girlboss. You've got all of these great ideas and have officially decided to collaborate with someone you know, like, and trust. You propose the partnership and you're both excited to make it happen. 

The next step?

It's time to define your roles.

It's completely natural to get excited by all of the creative energy being tossed around when working with someone new. And there will inevitably be times during your brainstorming sesh where someone will utter the words, "We should ____ !" 

And that's where most people stop. They write down the ideas and plans and then move right along in the process, leaving those precious to-dos up for grabs.

But not you. (You're a badass #girlboss, remember.)

Instead of waiting for someone else to take charge, you put pen to paper and create a list of WHO will complete WHAT by WHEN. In fact, even though you are collaborating with another person, the word "we" should be avoided altogether when it comes to action items.

Why? Because it's a recipe for dropping balls left and right. 

Volunteer eagerly, and often, saying: "I'm happy to work on ____." 

In turn, practice asking: "Where would you be interested in taking ownership?" and "Would you be able to tackle ____?" 

When you're super clear on the individual roles and the division of work up front, it makes the process easy breezy beautiful. 

Bonus tip: if money is in the picture, don't save the budget talk and revenue split until the end of the project.

Talking finances right out of the gate can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but it's oh-so-important. Nothing is worse than assuming you will be compensated with a certain percentage and learning your partner thought otherwise.

These are our collaboration tips of the day! Do you have any more to add? Tell us about them on Twitter or Instagram and make sure to use the #propelle hashtag.

Now go make things happen with your favorite people!