Style Summit Spotlight: Kathryn Stabile


Say hello to Kathryn Stabile, Fashion and Editorial Photographer and all around swell chick.

Her photos have this ethereal, whimsical beauty to them, quite like the lady herself.

But don't let that softness fool you. She is a total rockstar. Just take a peek at her shoes and you'll see what we mean.

Check out her interview below. And then come check out her professional genius at the Style Summit, where Kathryn will be shooting complementary head shots.


Name: Kathryn Stabile
Job Title: Fashion + Editorial Photographer
Twitter: @kathrynstabile

Introduce yourself and your business as if you were speaking from the cockpit.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain, Kathryn Stabile, here to take you on a fashion photography flight that will bring out your inner beauty queen. I will make you feel beautiful, fun, and fabulous while letting the true you speak to everyone through my images. My specialty is a vintage color palate with editorial concepts that bring a beautiful story and vision to all of my images.

How do you show your personality through your style? How does your style relate to your business?
As silly as it may sound, I feel that I will always be a rocker at heart. Long gone are the days of black band t-shirts and heavy eyeliner, yet I can't seem to let go of the spikes and studs or the all black ensembles. Music influences me personally and photographically, and I believe my rock chic style embodies my images that showcase feminine imagery with edgy undertones.

If you could name a nail polish color after yourself or your business, what would it be?
The Lady is a Vamp, which could either be a bold red or a matte black, because, well, I like to "rock" in style, and like I said, I am all about wearing black.

Not all flights are smooth. Tell us about how you handle turbulence in your business.
As a photographer, life can be turbulent. As a freelance photographer, one can expect the ride to be bumpy on nearly all occasions. The key is to keep calm, stay positive, and plan ahead.

Budgeting has helped me both professionally and personally. Standing up for yourself and not letting clients take advantage of you may seem stand-offish, but in the long run your clients (and peers!) will respect you for sticking to your guns and knowing your worth.

Who is the wind beneath your wings?
I know "Mom" is a common answer for this, but I feel that it only makes sense for most empowered women. My mother is one of the most independent, hard-working women I know. She has charged through life with many roadblocks, but always seems to break through the barriers that hold her back. She has never felt the need to live off of others, and even upon struggling tries her best to do it on her own. I believe that is where I get my sense of strength, independence, and power as a woman. I can hold my own in a lot of situations, and I blame my mother for giving me that superpower.

Advice to other women as they navigate the business world?
Never. Ever. Ever. EVER (did I say EVER?) give up. Take that part time job that is totally unrelated to your field, and work on your personal portfolio. It has taken me almost two years post-college to get a position in my field (I used to clean houses and be a bank teller) but I have constantly been working on my personal portfolio, shooting in my spare time and working on my personal image.

I believe my personal work is my best selling point, and it can be yours as well. Networking is also huge. GO to events like Propelle's Happy Hour, or other networking events because you just might meet that amazing clothing designer that is willing to work on a big series that showcases your work and hers (I did!).

Join a network of people or a blog community that relates to your field (I have a fashion blog and am an American Society of Media Photographers member, for example). Always keep up to date with what others are doing in your market. Never stop looking at other work for references and inspiration!