Spotlight: Tressa Glover and Don DiGuilio


The first time I had the pleasure of meeting Tressa Glover and Don DiGuilio of No Name Players was when we — Kate, Carrie, and I — were being interviewed for SWAN Day 2012.

At the time, I wasn't sure exactly what we were being asked to participate in, but it sounded like fun. Anything geared towards supporting women was a-okay in my book.

Flash forward to the opening night of SWAN Day 2012, where I got to watch the video that the women artists were asked to watch and create original works of art from, and I was literally blown away. The performances, songs, and art were flat out amazing. The show itself, and the work that Tressa and Don had put into organizing the show, was top notch.

Off the stage, Tressa and Don are quite simply two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Their love for each other and for the theater is contagious. And they have this ability to make you feel like you are on center stage.

Stop by tonight's Networking Happy Hour and help us support Tressa and Don's efforts around supporting women artists (SWAN Day!).



Name: Tressa Glover and Don DiGuilio
Business: No Name Players
Job/Title: Producer, Actor // Founder, Director, Actor
Twitter: @nonameplayers
Facebook: nonameplayers

Introduce yourself as if you were speaking from the cockpit.
Attention Passengers. This is your Captain and Co-Captain, Tressa Glover and Don DiGiulio. In-flight entertainment will be provided by No Name Players, a non-profit theatre company based in Pittsburgh. Our mission is to provide opportunities for Pittsburgh-based theatre artists as well as to collaborate with artists from multiple disciplines in presenting thought-provoking productions of new and established theatrical works that educate, enrich, and inspire the Greater Pittsburgh community.

When did you earn your wings?
Don founded No Name Players and has been the Artistic Director of the company since its inception.  We presented our first production in Pittsburgh in August of 2004.  Things really got moving with the addition of Tressa as Producing Artistic Director in 2005.

If you could name a nail polish color after yourself of your business, what would it be?
No Name Players’ motto is “No Fear, No Boundaries, No Limit”, so my color would be Fear Not Fushia. It is shimmering, lustrous, bold, fun, intriguing. It serves as a reminder to take risks, to never give up, to forge your own path—and, most importantly, to have a good time doing it.

Don: Bold Eclection

Not all flights are smooth. Tell us about how you handle turbulence in your business and life.
Tressa: The world of non-profit theatre can certainly involve quite a bit of turbulence. I think what’s most important is not to lose sight of your goal, of what you are trying to accomplish. It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges and the negativity that sometimes surround this business and let it overwhelm you. But staying true to who you are and focused on what you want will help immensely.

Don: Just keep moving. Believe in yourself and your abilities and realize that you will get through it (whatever your “it” might be). Take on obstacles and challenges as they come and tackle them one at a time.

Who is the wind beneath your wings?
Tressa: My husband and business partner Don, without a doubt. He is my biggest source of support and my number one fan. He encourages me and lifts me up on those days when I truly need it.

Don: My lovely wife, Tressa

What's your advice to other women as they navigate the business world?
Don: I’ll let Tressa handle this one…

Tressa: Don’t forget who you are and what your passion is. Remember how strong you are. Don’t let a few obstacles prevent you from pursuing your goal—find another way to get there. Don’t be afraid to ask — you never know what the answer might be.