Spotlight: Julia Reynolds


Say hello to this week's fabulous featured entrepreneur: Julia Reynolds.

Julia is the owner of The Shop in Easy Liberty, a delightful storefront on N. Highland Ave. that specializes in "fresh, modern home and personal accessories that are artful and well-made." I.e.—everything in the store is total eye candy.

We have had the pleasure of watching Julia do her thing from the very beginning. And when Julia announced that The Shop would be opening, we couldn't have been more proud.

Julia is incredibly driven with an eye for pattern. A pretty mean combination if you ask us.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Julia as much as we have. And if you're ever in East Liberty, make sure to stop by this gem of a shop.



Name: Julia Reynolds
Business: The Shop in East Liberty
Job/Title: Owner and Shopkeeper
Twitter: @theshopinel
Facebook: theshopinel
Instragram: theshopinel
Pinterest: theshopinel

Introduce yourself as if you were speaking from the cockpit. 
Hello all, this is Julia Reynolds, your local shopkeeper and design enthusiast. Put down those SkyMalls — I'm here to help when it comes to finding creative art, home goods, and jewelry that you'll love and won't break the bank. I'm always at the helm finding handcrafted items that are well-made, artful, and most importantly, compliment your everyday life.

When did you earn your wings?
I started getting serious about opening my own shop at the beginning of 2012, though I had a passion to do so for many years. After getting my business plan together, I signed a lease on the storefront last June and officially opened The Shop's door on September 15. Phew, it's been a little bit of a crazy ride getting to this point, but after about fives months of having my business up and running, I'm loving it.

If you could name a nail polish color after yourself or your business, what would it be?
Grateful Gray. The first part because I'm so happy for all the support I've received for my endeavor — from my family, friends, and amazing customers. For the second part, well, those closest to me will tell you how much I love gray. It's an easy going neutral that goes with just about everything. When it comes to designing an outfit or a space, I love using this color because you can mix it with new pieces but as a base, it's quite lovely and modern.

Not all flights are smooth. Tell us about how you handle turbulence in your business and life. 
Don't take things too personally and don't let your fears ever get the best of you. Sometimes people will tell you "no" and sometimes for inexplicable reasons, things won't work out the way you've planned. As a big planner, this is sometimes difficult for me to accept. I've found that if you keep focused on the bigger picture and you are well-intentioned, then things will be OK. Once you get through, the things that you worried about earlier will seem silly. You only have control over a finite number of things so keep moving forward.

Who is the wind beneath your wings?
My friends and family. It's been empowering realizing that there is a wealth of support for everything I hope to do. Coming from a background in art/art history, I'd often heard the cliché, "well yes, but what are you really going to do?" Fortunately, comments like that came from strangers and never from those truly near and dear. My friends and family have always been there, pushing me forward. Oh and this includes my husband, Chuck -- my constant supporter and counterpoint.

What's your advice to other women as they navigate the business world?
Always have a plan (even if it's a rough draft) but remember that plans are sometimes meant to be broken (even if you've revised it to perfection). Be open to looking at things in another light. You may have a solid vision for your professional and personal life, but remember that by trying things some other way, you might end up moving yourself further down the path to fulfilling your dreams. Even if you end up realizing that the alternative way isn't worthwhile, you'll have at least broadened your way of thinking.