Some sexy stats from the last three years of Propelle!

Over 50 women joined us at our three year anniversary celebration this week at Pittsburgh Winery! (Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy!)

This month we're celebrating our third birthday!

As we look back on our first few years in business, we are delighted by what has taken place.

Here are some highlights!

We've organized and hosted:

  • 16 Networking Happy Hours
  • 5 In-person workshops
  • 4 In-person lecture events and two virtual free webinars.
  • 6 intimate events like dinner parties, coffee dates, and most recently to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak for our Rock It! members.
  • A Style Summit complete with head shots/hair/and make-up services and featuring very talented speakers including Kiya Tomlin.
  • A day long retreat at beautiful Choderwood including acupuncture, meditation, green juice, and big picture brainstorming.
  • We’ve partnered with 10 different area nonprofit organizations that support women and we’ve raised over $2000 in support for them.
  • Over the last two years we’ve worked with 15 different women in the Propelle Mastermind and many others with our VIP and consulting services.

 We estimate we’ve served over 1000 women through these events and offerings and that makes our hearts so full.

So now ... a virtual toast!

Here’s to women supporting other women.

Here’s to collaboration over competition.

Here’s to partnerships and friendships.

Here’s to big things happening just from three young women entrepreneurs having a conversation over lunch!

If you have an idea and you put energy towards it, there’s no doubt it will grow. Sometimes it becomes even better than you ever imagined so keep pursuing your dreams!


Emily and Kate

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