Slowing down at the right moments can make all the difference

Is it possible to break free from the roadrunner lifestyle of constant hustle? Is it possible for us to truly slow down in this modern world? 

Carl Honore´ says yes. 

In his Ted talk, In Praise of Slowness (shared above), Carl shares that slowing down at the right moments can help people do everything better. 

Perhaps you are familiar with the Slow Food Movement. The basic idea is that we get more pleasure and more health from our food when we cultivate, cook, and consume it at a reasonable pace. 

The same goes for your business. 

Embrace the slow and intentional. Be mindful and present to what's happening around you. And take Carl's advice and get in touch with your inner tortoise.

Who knows. It could leave you feeling happier, healthier, and more productive than ever.