The best decision you can make for your business is to take care of yourself.

Gorgeous photography via Oh So Steffany.

Gorgeous photography via Oh So Steffany.

I don't know about you, but one of the most appealing aspects of starting a business and being my own boss was the ability to create my own schedule.

I could get up when I wanted to (not a minute before 9:00AM thankyouverymuch), work as little (or long) as I wanted, and focus on the things that got me excited. A very stark contrast to the corporate life I had lived for so long.

And for a while, that freedom was liberating.

I slept in. I burned the midnight oil. I worked my buns off creating content, promoting my services, and coaching clients.

And then... I... lost my productive mojo.

Sleeping in was beginning to induce guilt. I would fall victim to every juicy piece of click bait ever. I spent all day long in Facebook and Twitter, telling myself that I was working, when in reality I was wasting time. At the end of the day I would look back in horror, wondering how time had slipped away from me.

You too?

After having a baby and working furiously in 60-minute chunks while she napped, I realized just how unproductive my former self was.

I was cranking out content, setting priorities, and staying on top of things that had previously slipped through the cracks. I would go from time with my kiddo, to working, to time with my kiddo, to working, to dinner, to bedtime, to working, to... crashing. I barely had time to shower and eat, let alone do anything relaxing or fun for myself.

I went from one extreme to the next. From lollygagging all day long to eking out every ounce of productivity I could find in my day.

And you know, neither were very fun.

My body was beginning to revolt. I gave myself a pinched nerve in my back that was causing pain to shoot up my neck and down my shoulder. My stomach was angry all the time. And I was more irritable (and resentful) than I'd been in a long time.

Something had to give, or I was going to be out of commission completely.

Reading Vanessa Broers' post on the 15-1-1 concept really clicked for me. I needed to make time for myself, even if it was just 15 minutes each day. Instead of digging right in to work when nap time came, I took time for myself. I started to journal again, and spent 10 minutes meditating every day.

The more I did it, the better I felt.

My neck and back pain began to fade. My stomach calmed down and I began to feel happier and more grounded. I was also way more focused with the work I was doing, turning out better quality content and staying on top of things.

As an entrepreneur, the best decision you can make for your business is to take care of yourself. (Tweet this.)

What will you commit to doing for yourself today?