Productivity Hack: News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

You sit down at your computer and pull up Facebook with every intention of going straight to your page and sharing an amazing tidbit.

And then it happens.

You see a friend posted the new episode of Whine About It. And then you come across an amazing Lip Sync Battle, an Ellen video that's sure to make you cry, and a Buzzfeed list on 12 Things Twentysomethings Literally Don’t Have Time For.

Before you know it, an hour (or two) has passed and you still haven't posted anything to your Facebook page.

Or done anything else on your to-do list, for that matter.



With the News Feed Eradicator for Facebook.

The News Feed Eradicator is an extension for Chrome that takes away all distractions and click-bait that show up in your Facebook feed by removing your feed and replacing it with an inspiring quote.

You still have access to your pages, groups, and friend requests. You can check out any notification that pops up.  And if you really wanted to check in on a friend, you can go directly to their page and peruse.

It simply removes your newsfeed full of time sucks.

The first time Kate and I tried it, we were blown away at how much more productive we were. It shaved hours off of our days, helped us get right down to business, and freed up some much needed time in our day.

All because of one itty-bitty plugin.


PS—What's your favorite productivity hack? I'd love to know what helps keep YOU uber productive and on track each day.