The Power of Daily Affirmations




I turned 32 last week.

On my birthday morning, the first thing I did was write the following set of affirmations.

They're based on Hal Elrod’s template from his book, The Miracle Morning, and I've been meaning adapt the template to my own needs for months. Adding a candle to the cake got me thinking a little more seriously about the preciousness of life and how I want to live. I was inspired to create something I could read every single day to keep me aligned.

Today I wanted to share these affirmations with you.

Sharing this relates to my #1 goal, and maybe some of you were looking to create something similar and could use some inspiration.

I’ve been reading these consistently since last Tuesday and I can say I am surprised every single time that I need these reminders (hello water drinking!) in order to keep myself on track.

Kate’s Daily Affirmations

Top Goals for the next 6 months: 

  1. Be present, vulnerable, and share more stories via Propelle and social media.
  2. Convert first floor office into event space that feels fresh and clean … like a blank canvas.
  3. Prepare mentally/physically/emotionally to start a family. (Even though I feel scared.)
  4. Eat mindfully (about what fits into both hands for each meal) and sweat every day. Drink 10 glasses of water.
  5. Play guitar, sing, and dance daily.

Purpose: My life’s purpose is to shine bright and be a prism. I will reflect the light of others and help them see the rainbows that exist inside of them. I want to live an “outside of the box” creative life that is flexible and abundant. At the very core, I value relationships and experiences over things. I want to live within my means and express love often.

Quantum Leap: To make the second 1/2 of 2015 my best half year yet, I must:

  1. Write every day.
  2. Reach out to someone new every day. (Ask a question, pitch a story, give a compliment, ask for an interview.)
  3. Fill out my Daily Five and share work progress with Emily.
  4. Reignite my morning routine practice and take exercise seriously. Sign up for Muv in advance so I make good choices the night before.
  5. Complete the last two Yinzpiration interviews and have a casual happy hour event celebration.
  6. Reach out to college besties via text daily. Rotate! Make an effort to reach out and connect more deeply with Pittsburgh friends. Face Time with family. (Especially my cute niece and nephew!)

Infinite Wisdom: All things are possible when I am centered and in touch with what is bigger than myself. I actively connect to the infinite wisdom through the power of prayer and meditation. My thinking brain is very limited by my physical, mental, and emotional limitations. But when I actively connect to this deeper source, that's when miracles happen.

Financial Abundance: My #1 financial commitment in 2015 is to hit my financial goals each month and max out our Airbnb earnings. Starting in 2016, I would like to increase earn my earnings each month. I would like to up my Roth IRA savings and HSA contributions by the first of the year. I want to make sure life insurance is in place for myself and for Nik. I also want to maintain monthly giving to PULSE and to give to friend's crowdfunding campaigns when possible.

Authenticity: I’m ready to give up the quest to be perfect in exchange for being authentic. I’m a magnet for people who love and respect me. I don’t have to worry about trying to be someone I’m not. I will be kind to myself when I make mistakes.

Productivity: I will start every day knowing my #1 goal and attacking that task first. But before I do ANYTHING at my desk, I will send a no-strings-attached email, snail mail, or text to someone and say hello/thank you.

Morning Routine: I will cherish and value my morning routine. I will value it over sleeping in. I will remember that I feel the BEST when I wake up at a consistent time and take care of me before anything else during the day. I will read these affirmations every morning and before I go to bed.

So tell me what you think!

Do you have an affirmation practice? How do you keep yourself accountable for what you really REALLY want to be doing?

X+O, Kate

P.S. If these affirmations aren’t your bag … maybe Jessica’s style will resonate. Nothing wrong with a little sink dancin', I say!