Pittsburgh City Council Proclaims Propelle Leap Day

This Tuesday, Emily and I took a trip to the City County Building along with 13 other Pittsburgh women entrepreneurs.

Councilman Dan Gilman and Council President Bruce Kraus made the proclamation that February 29, 2016 is officially Propelle Leap Day. 

The Council wrote a beautiful proclamation. Did you know there are 52,900 women-owned enterprises in the Pittsburgh region?!

Some highlights of the day: 

#1. We got to see Rock It! member Lisa Seligman photography on display in the Mayor's office!

Lisa's photos are the two misty landscapes in the top right corner! 

Lisa's photos are the two misty landscapes in the top right corner! 

#2. When Council President Kraus saw that Bek Hlavach of Sweet Peaches was in our group, he made a specific point to rave about her chicken salad sandwiches and the superior service he and the Mayor received when they were visiting her restaurant. He even had Sweet Peaches address memorized and urged everyone to check it out. 

#3. After the proclamation was official, we met in the lobby to take an official leap photo of the group. Unfortunately there's some blur action but the excitement definitely gets across. 

We will definitely never forget this experience and it will always be a highlight of our work with Propelle. 

After receiving the proclamation, I shared these words with the council. 

Thank you to Councilman Gilman and Council Presiden Kraus and City Council at large for making Propelle Leap Day official.

My name is Kate Stoltzfus and I am a cofounder of Propelle, a venture that unites, supports, and celebrates women entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh. 

My business partner and fellow cofounder Emily Levenson and I wanted to do something special to celebrate the many women entrepreneurs in our city. There was no doubt in our mind that February 29th, Leap Day, was just the day to do it.

Pittsburgh women entrepreneurs are working hard every single day. They have taken many risks and leaps to create and maintain businesses that make our city a more vibrant place. I feel proud to stand here with some of our city's finest. 

In this group you will find: 

A Brick 'n mortar painting class chain proprietor
A Visual problem solver and consultant
A Writer and communications expert
A Natural hair stylist, educator, and product developer
A Restaurateur and caterer
Two Jewelry Designers
And two Photographers, one of which has her work currently on display in Mayor Peduto's office in this very building. 

These women inspire and Emily and myself on a daily basis, and their enthusiasm, grit, spirit, and determination are why we continue to do the work that we do.  

Thank you so much. 

My heart swells with pride for the women that joined us yesterday, the Propelle Community at large, and ALL of the 52,900 women entrepreneurs that are in the Pittsburgh region.  February 29, 2016 is YOUR day. 

And if you feel the spirit of Propelle Leap Day and you want to get involved, you can start by sharing your own entrepreneurial story or share about what "leaping" means to you on social media and including the hashtag #propelleleaps and @wepropelle.  And of course, we'd LOVE to see you at our official Leap Day event

LEAP on!