She Said, She Said: Our Favorite Social Media Haunts.

Spend one minute doing research on running a business, and you'll find article after article talking about the importance of social media. Everyone seems to have an opinion on which ones are the most effective, fun, and/or powerful for your business.

While our favorite platforms have shifted over time, and new platforms have come and gone, one thing remains the same: the most effective platform is the one you enjoy and spend time on.

Also, don't forget that these platforms are social, meaning engaging with people and having conversations ALWAYS trumps straight up promotion.

// Emily's favorites:

This is such a loaded question for me. I always feel like choosing one platform over another is like choosing which of your children is your favorite. I love them all for different reasons. (I know, that's not helpful.)

But because you're making me choose, my current fav is Instagram. I love the visual nature of it and the way it has morphed into a micro-blogging platform. There is so much genuine connection and energy in there, that I find myself spending more and more time playing and exploring.

I am also seriously in love with Squarespace. And while that may not seem like an obvious social media platform, it is where I spend a LOT of time creating content. It's super easy to use and makes for beautiful looking content. Which, in turn, is more easily shared on the other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

// Kate's favorites:

I second Emily in that I really enjoy Instagram! Yes I love pretty pictures, but my favorite part about it is the opportunity to share some deeper "bits" of life and easily have conversations with other users. 

I'm also totally digging Periscope but I'm currently more of a stalker than a content creator. I have a few people that I enjoy following, and sometimes I just hop on the map to see what's happening in the world! I haven't used it much for Propelle, but think it would be fun to incorporate it into our social media outreach on a more regular basis. 

What about you?

What are your favorite social media haunts?

Where do you spend the most time and/or have the most fun?