Non-businessy things to help you get inspired.

Getting to meet Alexandra Franzen for the first time! |

I've admired Alex Franzen for years. 

I love her way with words and the ease in which she operates her business. 

In 2013, Emily, Carrie, and I took a road trip to one of her workshops. During a Q&A session, I asked her where she turned for business inspiration. 

Her answer? 

Comedy podcasts and going to the symphony. 

I was shocked. I assumed she would mention a few business books or perhaps a marketing guru. 

At the time Alex was booked with clients (a year in advance!) and her online following was massive. How could she achieve this by spending her free time listening to My Brother, My Brother, and Me

But then it began to make sense. 

Alex explained that making time for the things she enjoyed filled her cup, and gave her energy to give it her all when was time to write or meet with clients. 

She added that she did NOT follow many other entrepreneurs in a similar realm because she felt that it could sometimes hinder her creative processes. 

So what non-businessy things do you like to do to get inspired? We talk about this often in our Rock It! community. Some of the ways that our women fill their own cups and keep things interesting:

  1. Learn to swing dance. 
  2. Go to a concert at Pittsburgh Winery
  3. Take a jewelry or improv class. 
  4. Tour the Cathedral of Learning. 
  5. Go on a date to Phipps
  6. Take a picnic to your favorite park. 
  7. Take a nap.
  8. Get a massage,
  9. Go to the Library and surround yourself with awesome books.
  10. Color, knit, or crochet. 

What would you add to the list?