Meet Propelle Co-Pilot: Carrie Nardini


Crafty. Creative. Clever. Candid. Cheerful. Colorful. Courageous. Capable. Collaborator. Connector. Chutzpah.

All words that describe my favorite C: Carrie!

From the moment I met Carrie (back in 2006), I knew she was going to make things happen. Including an amazing indie craft show called I Made It Market.

Carrie’s determination, drive, and networking prowess make her an inspiration. Her willingness to help others, to give give give, and to collaborate make her an amazing woman entrepreneur. One that I am proud to call a partner.

See below for a Car-razy little Q&A.


Introduce yourself and business as if you were speaking from the cockpit.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is Captain Carrie speaking from the cockpit. I’m going to take you on a high altitude flight - during this flight we will be creating, sharing stories, building relationships and honing your business offerings and messaging. Get ready to become an adventurous nomad, traveling from one stop to the next, selling your creations and building from success to success.

When did you earn your wings?
I launched my business in 2007 when I identified an opportunity to fill a gap for local craftspeople. Pairing a personal desire to flex my marketing skills and sell handmade wares I created led to the opportunity to launch on a shoestring. After meeting a motivated like-minded business partner, we identified our strengths and went for it full throttle.

If you could name a nail polish color after yourself or your business, what would it be?
Cheeky Cherry

I’ve been called “cheeky” a few times which I will take as a compliment! If I were to have a signature color, it should match my personality -- extroverted and energetic. I enjoy sparking conversations wherever I go and a nail color called cheeky cherry couldn’t help but become a conversation starter!

Not all flights are smooth. Tell us about how you handle turbulence in your business.
Crafting a clear flight path is something I had started and stalled on several times, taking small flights as they became available and seeing where they led. However, business experts and all successful entrepreneurs will tell you that a clear plan for achieving stated goals will lead to success much quicker and smoother than “winging it”.

I now have annual, quarterly and even a 5-year goal that I post at my work space and consult before making decisions that may lead to side trips that can delay me from reaching my destination in the time I’ve allotted. A plan doesn’t have to be as structured as a formal business plan. There are loads of creative visioning tools available as well as digital ones that can remind you of your true destination.

Who is the wind beneath your wings?
Oprah, she made it a long way, is authentic, innovative and philanthropic. All qualities I admire.

Advice to other women as they navigate the business world?
When you feel uncomfortable in a situation or decision, think about why and go with your gut. And, if an experience doesn’t go exactly as you envisioned, revisit it in your mind, take the highlights and reframe that experience to help you the next time a similar situation occurs. Your mind will be more willing to take the path you’ve planed if you give it a sneak preview of your preferred outcome. Lastly, build relationships. You never know who might have a nugget of advice that sends you on your next successful leg of this adventure.