Empowered. Inspired. On Fire.

We couldn't be more excited about today's post. This video (done by the sublime Megan Bowers of Pictory Productions) is a freakin' dream come true.

When we talked about launching the 2016 Propelle Mastermind, we knew we wanted to create something that would share just how powerful, inspiring, and empowering it is. We wanted to highlight the incredibly talented and smart women in the group. (Because they are seriously talented and smart.) We also wanted to give you a little taste of what to expect when you sign up.

What we didn't expect was how AMAZING it would all turn out.

In true Propelle form, our vision was turned into something even more powerful than we could have imagined because of the brilliant women in our community.

We are thrilled to have partnered with Megan. And we are even more thrilled with how she took our vision and made it into something that is, quite simply put, magical.

That's the power of women coming together.

Of collaboration, of shared ideas and passion, and of supporting one another's dreams.

It's the very heart of what we do at Propelle. And it's everything the Propelle Mastermind stands for.

Emily and Kate