Love to read but forget to implement? This one tip will make a difference.

Have you ever read a book and found yourself saying, "That sounds like a great idea! I'm going to do that after I finish reading."

But then ... you never take action?

(Womp womp.)

I heard some advice today on the matter via The Eventual Millionaire Podcast featuring John Spence.

John reads hundreds of business books every year to stay inspired in his business.

After reading a book, he collects his highlights and types them out (or uses dictation software) to turn them into a page or two of core ideas.  

After assessing his favorite parts of the book, he commits to taking action on one thing that he has learned. 


I love this! It's so simple yet I'll be the first to admit  that most often I neglect to implement what I read. 

So here's my challenge for you:

The next time you pick up a books ... 

Choose ONE thought or suggestion to implement, and then commit to completing the task within 5 days.

Tell your BFF, mother, partner, what you are going to do and by what date.

Not sure who to tell? Schedule an email to yourself in two weeks as an accountability reminder.

(Boomerang is a great tool that helps you schedule emails in Gmail.) 

You can also tweet us at @wepropelle and we'll hold you to it. 

That's it! Read on, my friends.



P.S. I think a lot of inspiration can be found in fiction as well as nonfiction. (You can find inspiration in anything!) Like a particular character? Make your actionable item something they would do. There are no rules. :)