Let's Scrimmage!


We are excited to share about an event coming to Pittsburgh called the Rustbelt Scrimmage. If you were at the March Networking Happy Hour, you may remember hearing a little bit about the event.

If not, the Rustbelt Scrimmage is a day-long event that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and idea generators to help companies and professionals alike learn how to apply a process called rapid-prototyping to your business.

The scrimmage is being put on by ReWork, an organization helping talented people find meaningful work, and to channel their energy into innovative organizations that are changing the world for the better.

Read below for more information about the event from ReWork Co-Founder, Abe Taleb.

Who knows, maybe we'll see you there!


Thoughts on Innovation.

Anyone who steeps themselves in entrepreneurial pursuits these days will inevitably hear the adage "Fail fast, fail often." It's commonly advised because of the power of failure to teach you things, along with the notion that if your project isn't going to work, you want to know quickly so you can move on.

That makes some sense, but it doesn't make complete sense. What does make complete sense is the evolution of that advice: "Don't guess, don't fail, learn." This is the mantra of Tom Chi, ex-UX Lead at Google's X Lab (the guys who developed Google Glass), and advisor to ReWork, an organization dedicated to helping driven professionals find meaningful work. Tom's paradigm turns the standard focus on failure on its head, focusing instead on learnings—because ultimately, accumulated learnings (not failures, per se) are what lead to world-class companies, products, and services.

Tom's process of rapid-prototyping is how he helps teams adopt and implement the priority of learning above all else. To spread his approach, ReWork hosts Scrimmages, day-long events that serve as training grounds to help companies and professionals alike learn and practice this powerful technique. Over 300 people have already seen the benefits of learning to rapid prototype in a Scrimmage setting - benefits like increased creativity, innovation, and productivity, and saving tons of time and money on new projects.

These benefits are especially useful in nonprofit and for-impact settings, which is one of the main reasons why ReWork developed the Scrimmage - to infuse this best-practice into the impact sector. All too often, nonprofits face resource shortages and limitations that restrict their ability to take risks, innovate, and maneuver as nimbly as their for-profit counterparts. Out of necessity, they guess at what their members might like at a new fundraiser, or who will buy their merchandise. When they guess wrong, they risk failure or becoming even more dependent on grants and outside funding. Rapid-prototyping gives them the ability to field-test their concepts before they've spent time and money developing them - making them immediately more resilient, innovative, and adaptive, as soon as they learn the process.

ReWork's next Scrimmage is on April 6th in Pittsburgh—the Scrimmage in the Rustbelt—and we'd love for you to join us to learn these powerful techniques and meet companies and professionals who will be putting them to use on projects that are making the Pittsburgh region a better place to live.

Excited to attend the Rustbelt Scrimmage?

Propelle is giving away two tickets—one for one winner and a friend!

All you have to do is tweet why YOU want to be there. Be sure to include @wepropelle and #rbscrimmage in your tweet!

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