Rockstar of the Month: Tori Mistick of Wear Wag Repeat and Marketing with Style

Photo Credit: Taylor Davidson

Photo Credit: Taylor Davidson

It's officially February, and that means we get to feature another one of our lovely Rock It! members.

Tori is one of our Propelle veterans. She has been involved with Propelle from the very beginning. She was even one of our esteemed presenters at the Style Summit back in 2012.

In the time we've known Tori, she has managed to grow her social media business, launch and run a successful fashion blog, and staged an Insta-coup with the double whammy of fashion and dogs. 

We have a feeling you're going to love getting to know Tori. She has so much joy and wisdom to share. 

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Photo Credit: Sarah Collins

Photo Credit: Sarah Collins

Name: Tori Mistick
Business: Wear Wag Repeat / Marketing with Style
Job Title: Dog Mom Blogger & Social Media Consultant
Links: &

For those that may not be familiar, can you share more about who you are and what you do?

For the past eight years, I’ve been a social media consultant for local businesses in Pittsburgh. That means that I manage day-to-day posts across social networks for a variety of clients. I also have a blog called Wear Wag Repeat where I write about style and DIYs for dog moms. Through my blog, I was able to connect with some awesome women and become one of the founders of Style Social Pittsburgh, a networking group for style bloggers. And in my spare time, I’m the coordinator for the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce! I bet you thought this would be a simple question!

We've been big fans of yours for a long time and have watched as your brand has evolved over time. What has that journey been like for you?

 As you can see from the variety of roles I have, the journey has been full of twists and turns. Although I’ve worked with so many people, and love referring work to many of the talented consultants I know, I’ve always been a solopreneur. Sometimes it can be really hard to make business decisions when you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of. That usually means that I just say YES to everything! That method has brought me a lot of great experiences, but this year I’m looking to focus on the projects and work that I really love, cutting out some of the distractions.

Is there anything you regret or wish there had been a shorter learning curve for?

I don’t have any regrets. Everything is a learning experience, even if it doesn’t turn out how you dreamed it would. I think that I’ve always learned the skills I needed to meet new challenges as they come. If I couldn’t roll with the punches like that I don’t think I’ve be able to do all that I do. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Collins

Photo Credit: Sarah Collins

Talk to us about your blog, Wear Wag Repeat. Where did the idea come from and how has it grown over the years? 

I started Wear Wag Repeat about three and half years ago. I had been sans-blog for a few years and desperately needed a creative outlet. I came up with the concept of integrating my dogs into outfit posts and did a lot of research to discover that some of the most successful fashion bloggers have dogs (they just didn’t show them off very much). I felt like there was a big opportunity to create an online presence for stylish dog moms.

Since then my blog morphed to include a lot of home design and DIY projects. In the last year, I started to focus specifically on style and DIYs for dog moms, and a ton of video content! For example, I have videos on how to make concrete dog bowl holders and coordinating pom-pom sandals (for me) and a pom-pom collar for my dog Lucy. 

You're kind of a big deal over on Instagram. What is it about this platform that gets you excited? 

I’m slightly Insta-obsessed! I love the community there the most. I’ve connected with a group of dog moms who all support each other by commenting and liking each other’s posts. We’ve built such strong bonds by doing this that I’ve actually met up with a few of them in person (none of them live in Pittsburgh!). That community has been so strong, that we also started doing a similar thing with Style Social Pittsburgh and have a group of local style bloggers who all support each other’s posts.

One of my favorite things about Instagram is Stories. I love that I can post a quick photo or video there without having to worry about it being “perfect”. I put a ton of effort into the photos in my main feed, but stories allow me to relax a little bit and live in the moment. 

Where do you see yourself (and Lucy) headed in 2017? Any big goals or dreams you want to share with us? 

I hope to grow Wear Wag Repeat into a profitable businesses, and make it a more significant part of my day to day work. At the beginning of the year, I launched a DIY membership program where I send out a new stylish DIY for dog moms each month. I’m excited to see where that goes this year!

Can you walk us through a day in the life? In other words, how on earth do you manage to get so much done while taking great care of your pup and yourself and looking incredibly stylish while doing it all? 

No two days are the same for me! But in general… Lucy and I get up around 7 AM, have some breakfast, then head to the park. I love starting my day with a walk outdoors, and a tired pup allows me to be a lot more productive the rest of the day!

I usually batch out my work according to category, so I might spend an hour updating all my client’s Instagram feeds, or scheduling their Facebook posts for the week. If I have time to do blog work that typically happens in the afternoon. It might take me 2 hours to get together all the supplies for a video and record it.

The trick to working from home, for me, is to get dressed and do my make-up every morning. That way I’m ready at a moment’s notice to record a video or do some photos with Lucy. She’s lucky, she’s always camera ready!

An interview with Tori Mistick of Wear Wag Repeat and Marketing with Style |

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who want to embrace what lights them up — both in business and in their own lives?

The key for me is to be organized and plan ahead. I will never get anything done if I don’t have the tools right in front of me and ready to go! For example, if you want to take more photos for your social media, don’t store your camera in a cabinet. Leave it out where you can use it every day! I think that logic can apply to almost anything.