Spotlight: Erin Marton Gaus

Entrepreneurial Spotlight

We are jazzed to be featuring the loverly Erin Marton Gaus in today's Entrepreneurial Spotlight.

You may remember Erin and her company 'Burgh Living from a "Burgh Watching" episode she did featuring the ladies of Propelle. We had a great time chatting with her about what Propelle is all about. And even shared a nugget or two about WHY Pittsburgh is our favorite city.

Filming Burgh Watching | Propelle

Today, we are turning the tables and asking Erin some burning questions about her, her business, and what advice she would give to entrepreneurs navigating the wonderful world of self-employement.



Erin Marton Gaus of Burgh Living

Name: Erin Marton Gaus Business: 'Burgh Living Job title: Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant Website: Twitter: @eringaus Facebook: Pinterest:

Introduce yourself as if you were speaking from the cockpit. Welcome aboard friends! We have a very full flight today, but that's just the way we like it! If we hit a little turbulence, there are plenty of fellow travelers to lean on for support... You can keep your phones on these days folks, so be sure to log on and share this great experience with all of your friends! Collaboration and sharing are what its all about when you want a smooth flight.

...What's that? Oh yes, we do have a baby in first class today. He's actually the co-pilot but it's time for his afternoon nap so if you could just keep it down a little that would be great.

When did you earn your wings? 'Burgh Living started as a blog about Pittsburgh in 2006. At the time it was all about supporting my Real Estate Business. As time went on, I realized that I really enjoyed the "marketing" part of job more than anything else. Other agents and business owners had started to approach me for advice, so I officially began consulting with other small business on how to maximize their use of Social Media and Online Marketing in 2011.

If you could name a nail polish color after yourself of your business, what would it be? I don't know what it would be called, but it would change colors depending on what was perfect for that day.

Flexible Fuchsia? Yielding Yellow? Pliant Purple?

Not all flights are smooth. Tell us about how you handle turbulence in your business and life. Its all about perspective.

The loss of a client or a failed campaign is really not the end of the world. I'm still here, healthy and able to work. I just take a deep breath and dive back in! Yes, sometimes that is easier said than done, but I really try to not let myself mope around about my failures. If it's been a particularly bad time, I will actually give myself an allotted "bitch and moan" period. Then, its time to move on!

Its just not productive to allow something negative to define you.

Who is the wind beneath your wings? My husband for sure. I have a tendency to be a bit of a "Perpetual Malcontent", so I thrive on change because I feel like it's progress. He's a rock, so he's shown me the importance of consistency and persistence. He never lets me give up on something until I've tried my hardest to make it work. His ethic has made me a much better person.

Also, being a Work at Home Mom and being with my son everyday keeps me grounded. That little face is what it's all about!

What's your advice to other women as they navigate the business world?

  • Stop apologizing. You have every right to be the most successful person you are capable of being.
  • Stop hating on each other and collaborate. Things get so much farther when we work together.
  • If you own your own business, the buck stops with you, so conduct yourself in your own business as you would expect a leader to conduct themselves.
  • Stick with your decisions but at the same time remember that you need to be flexible to accommodate LIFE.
  • You don't always need a plan, sometimes you just need to listen to the universe.
  • And, my mantra: Your business does not define you. It is only a small part of who you are.