An interview with Photographer and Creative Business Coach, De Lisa Carol

Have you ever connected with someone and known that they were pure magic? That was the feeling I got when I first came across De Lisa Carol's website.

Her photography is exquisite. And not in a her-photos-are-gorgeously-polished kind of way. (Because that is definitely the case.) De Lisa's magic lies in the way she's able to bring a woman's power to the forefront. She captures the essence of her subjects, with the end result being a confident, put together, and empowered woman.

When I was finally able to talk to De Lisa, I began to understand where that magic came from. Her own journey was filled with trials and tribulations. But instead of breaking her, they strengthened her; allowing her to rise up stronger and better than before. 

Here's to finding the strength in your own journey, just like De Lisa was able to do.


Name: De Lisa Carol (Patterson)
Job title: Photographer and Creative Business Coach

For those that don't know you, tell us about yourself and your work. 

This is always a tough question for me because I hold a lot of titles, but I am a Brand and Beyond Photographer and Business Coach. I photograph woman entrepreneurs, CEOs, and creatives who want to show their authentic self to the world. I also coach Photographers on how they can create the business and life they've always wanted through VIP days, webinars, speaking engagements and my online program called the BrandMark.  

When we found out that you weren't a fan of photography in the beginning, we were more than a little surprised. How did you end up behind the camera, and what inspires you about this medium? 

I was going through a very tough time in my life. I lost my job and there were some personal things going that lead me to not feel so great about myself. I had attached who I was to what job I had and the kind of life I was living. 

When I was going through that rough patch, I somehow felt that I wasn't good enough. So, I decided to focus my attention on building my confidence and really exploring how I could feel great again without attaching who I was to a status. 

I did that through photography, photographing people, helping others to see just how beautiful and wonderful they were, and building on those relationships. In return, I was able to learn through others and start seeing that there was more to a person than a job or title or a status. 

Photo credit: De Lisa Carol

Photo credit: De Lisa Carol

What has photography taught you about yourself? 

Photography has taught me to be more confident in myself; to truly see who I am and LOVE it. 

Talk to us about the concept of finding your voice and how that translates into the images you shoot.

For me, the process was really about knowing that I am more than enough and being so self-assured about who I am, regardless of what title or status I held. When I let go of all of that, I could see who I am deep inside. 

I think that self-knowing translates into my images. Before I meet with my Branding and Beyond clients, I ask them tough questions like, who are you and who do you want to be? I want to photograph their authentic self — not someone who they think they should be, but who they are and what THEY want to be. 

How do you handle creative blocks? Is there something specific you do to help yourself get back into the groove and feeling inspired again?  

Travel and sabbaticals. 

I make it my mission to travel because I love to see how people live and how people see the world. I sometimes take two weeklong sabbaticals where I disconnect from the world because it helps me stop thinking and allows me to just listen and relax.

Photo credit: De Lisa Carol

Photo credit: De Lisa Carol

Famous last words... What advice would you give to women who are looking to find their place in this world? 

Show up and show out. 

I live by those words. No matter what is going on in your life or if other things don't fall into place, show up for yourself. Be the best person you can possibly be and then amplify it.