How you think about money can make or break your business.

How you think about money can literally make or break your business. Here is a simple exercise to help you examine what those stories are and how you can shift them to something more positive and empowering. |

Hey, hey.

Emily here with a little straight talk about money and the things you're saying to yourself about making serious coinage in your business.

You may not like what I'm about to say, or even believe that it's worth spending any time on, but I encourage you to stay open. Because, like it or not, the things we tell ourselves on a daily (if not hourly) basis have a direct impact on the things that show up in our lives.

Most people can agree with that when it comes to less tangible things like mood and perceived happiness. Hell, there's an entire branch of psychology that's dedicated to this work. 

Where most people tend to jump ship with this concept is how it applies to their business and their ability to make (invest, keep, enjoy) money. The ones that DO spend time understanding their own beliefs and stories around money are typically the ones that are able to break through any block or plateau they come up against.

Your assignment this week, should you choose to accept it: take a look at your money beliefs and get real with yourself about how they are helping or hurting you.


How you think about money can make or break your business. (Tweet this.)

Get out pencil and paper and write down every memory you have about money. Go back to your childhood and think about what stories you were told from the adults in your life, think about your own experiences making money and spending it, and even what you believe about your abilities to make money as an adult and entrepreneur.

Write down whatever comes up without judgment or editing.

Once you've written it all down, begin to look at the bigger picture. Are there any themes that came up over and over again throughout your writing? Is there something that you know isn't true, even though you've been carrying that story around with you?

If you'd like some help sorting through it all, let us know! We'd love to help you identify patterns and encourage you to think differently about money.


PS—This video from Denise Duffield-Thomas on the topic of money and how women sell versus men is one of my absolute favorites. It's one of those HAHAHAHA-oh-crap kind of videos that will help you shake things up a bit.PPS—Kate and I are huge fans of Denise DT and have been a part of her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp for a few years now. Seriously one of the best investments I/we have ever made.