How to pull together your dream team.

how to pull together your dream team. |

How do you feel about the interactions with the people you surround yourself with on a day-to-day basis? 

Are you able to: 

  • Talk about your business openly without reservation? 
  • Celebrate your wins and successes? 
  • Ask for advice regarding a frustrating interaction or customer challenge?
  • Text or call them before an important meeting or presentation?
  • Perhaps you already have a top-notch crew of folks that have your back and rock at all of these things and more.

(If so, now's the perfect time to send them a quick note to shower them with a little love.)  

Unfortunately for some, their tribe has yet to be found. So many of us carry on far too long without a sufficient support system. 

Everyone deserves a posse of super-freaking-awesome people.

AKA your dream team

Your dream team lights up when you shine. You never feel embarrassed to talk with them about any aspect of your business. They always make time to listen when you're having a rough day or an epic freak-out.

And it goes without saying that they are always game to meet you for a sparkling toast when things are really, really good.

So what do you do if you don't have your dream team yet?

STEP 1: Be very clear on exactly what type of people you'd like to invite into your life. Get super specific about who they are, what they will do to support you, and how you will feel as a result.

STEP 2: Tell others who you are looking for so they can be on the lookout, too. The more you can verbalize your needs, the more likely it will come back to you. 

STEP 3: Be open! When your dream team comes knocking at your door, make sure to open it. It sounds obvious, but how many times have we said I'm busy, I don't like meeting people, or I'm too stressed out to do something. If you're serious about building your dream team, you must answer the call. Otherwise, your actions will be telling those around you that you're not quite ready for what you want. 

Your team awaits you. Go round them up!