How to pitch a win-win collaboration.

Three simple steps for pitching a win-win collaboration. |

Do you have someone that you'd LOVE to work with but you aren't sure how to make the ask? Don't sweat it. We've got you covered with a 1-2-3 pitch for structuring your ask. 

It's simple. 

It's effective. 

And it's the key to getting what you want. 

But there is one catch. People are busy. Anytime you pitch something you are asking another person to adhere to your agenda. Expect a "no" and don't let one rejection crush you. Make 100 asks. You will eventually receive that "HELL YES!"

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get started on crafting that win-win pitch.

STEP #1: Know their work inside and out. 

Study up on their most recent projects and explain in detail what you respect about them. Shower them with a compliment (or three).

The more specific you can be, the better.

STEP #2: Describe your idea and explain how the collaboration will benefit them

Explain your idea, tell them why you think they would make the perfect partner, and HOW the collaboration will benefit them. 

Ain't nobody got time for emails pitching them about a project that will take up a whole lot of their precious time while solely benefiting the person asking.

You stand a much better chance of getting that YES if you can concisely share why it would be great for them — getting them out in front of their dream audience, giving them an avenue to build their list or following on a specific platform (particularly the one THEY are excited to grow), etc. 

STEP #3: Be clear on the specific tasks you would like them to complete. 

Explain the time commitment and their role in the project. In other words, how much of their time and talent will be required to do the thing you're asking them to do? 

Talk about the work you're doing and what you will be responsible for. This helps to show that you've thought through what it will take to get this thing off the ground and that you're willing to put your skin in the game as well.

And if money is involved, be very clear about compensation up front. 

How to pitch a win-win collaboration |

Pulling it all together.

Now that you've thought through these three steps, it's time to put it all together in an email in exactly this order. Don't forget to check for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as making sure you have their name spelled correctly.

Make sure to get a second pair of eyeballs on the email, particularly if it's to one of your business heroes or sheroes. 

Lastly, in the P.S., make sure to include something that will make them smile. A video or a photo ... it could be anything! We're big fans of fun GIF's and memes that we know will be a big hit. Even if they don't choose to work with you this time, helping someone feel joy will make it more likely for them to listen up when you have another idea in the future. 

Here's to landing the collaborations of your dreams!

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