How to leap a little every day.

You get this one great, glorious life. It’s not love every step in the journey, but if you love the hustle, you’ll love starting your company.”

Elle Kaplan, founder of LexION Capital.

Preach, Elle. 

There's a lot of talk about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, like it's this big thing that happens once and only once. You take a step off the ledge and BOOM. You've started a business.

The truth is gradual growth is just as powerful. So why not take an approach to make just one step forward everyday? Slow and steady wins the race, no doubt.

What would it look like if you took a little leap every day this week? 

Start each morning by asking: 

"What would stretch me just a bit today?"

And then do it!

Put those baby leaps in the bank and watch them pile up. Better yet make a "Leap Log" and write them down. (Don't forget to celebrate each one!) 

Before you know it you’ll be blasting through glass ceilings left and right, and what used to feel terrifying will suddenly become your new normal. 

You can do it!