How to bring more of something into your life.

If you want to bring more of something into your life, you must first be open to receive it. (Tweet this)

Sounds like a total no-brainer, right.

But how many times have you said no to something because it doesn't fit your "vision" of what things were supposed to look like? Or when someone pays you a complement, you spend 10 minutes telling the person why you disagree ("What, this shirt? I got it on sale..." or "Your sweet, but...").

Whether you know it or not, you are preventing even more good things from coming into your life. You are telling the Universe that this isn't something you want. And you are most definitely NOT being open to receive.

Be open to whatever sources of abundance may come your way, even if it doesn't look at all what you expected.


: I am open to receive.

This is a great intention to set before meditating, planning out your year, or putting yourself out there in some way (networking event, coaching call, client work).

Try it for a week and see what comes up. We think you'll be surprised at how powerful this simple intention can be.

Here's to receiving all that you desire!