How scoring high on the JOY-o-meter will help your business.

Jumping for Joy | Martin Talbot(Image via)

Let's talk about JOY.

We've all had those amazing moments when your heart swells and you want to twirl and dance in the hills like Julie Andrews.

You know that beautiful feeling ... it's pure joy.

So what does joy have to do with running a business?


Joy is our FUEL. We have to keep our tanks full so we can keep doing our life's work.

Joy is the #1 anecdote to burnout and yet so many of us have trouble taking the time to recognize joy or even seeking it out.

Here's what the amazing Brené Brown has to say on the matter from her book Daring Greatly:

Having spent several years studying what it means to feel joyful, I’d argue that joy is probably the most difficult emotion to really feel.

We've got to change this. We have to makes space for joy.

How do you know if an activity or choice ranks high on the Joy-o-meter?

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Does it make me feel like a kid again?
  2. Would I do this if there was no incentive?
  3. How does my body react? Do I smile just thinking about it?

Give yourself permission to allow more joy into your life. You deserve it.